Animal Mother

Lime;123465 said:
Well, living by the ocean would be convient as how you would be able to catch some of your own food.
You have to take into consideration how polluted the area is though. Most people who've been doing this and posting here haven't seemed to have any issues with that though, that we know of.


O. vulgaris
Oh yeah, thats true, Animal Mother. Didn't think of that. :\ Probably just because my area isn't polluted and I could catch some shrimps and crabs and stuff.

Animal Mother

aristocat;123579 said:
what kind of crabs can I use is breeding shrimp and crabs easy? instead of octopus can I get a cuttlefish instead? :grin:
Fiddler crabs, emerald crabs, porcelain crabs... those kind of crabs.

As for breeding live food organisms, depends on what your definition of "easy" is. I've never heard of anyone on this particular site doing such, and considering how many of us keep cephs and require live foods, I doubt that it would be a relatively easy task. That's why we pay for our pets foods instead.

Whatever you can provide a proper setup for and afford to feed.

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