Contamination from catching locally?

Discussion in 'Sources for Cephalopods and Food' started by Krakilin, Dec 15, 2008.

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    I was wondering what you guys think about catching crabs locally from tidepools and such? I'm lucky enough to live in San Diego so it's a 10 minute drive down to the tide pools for me.

    Should I maybe fresh water dip everything I catch for awhile? Is there anything I can do to reduce the risk of introducing something bad to my tank or is it so insignificant I shouldn't worry about it?
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    I don't see why it would be an issue, when you buy live fiddlers and such, they usually come from the marshes near the coast. Coastal water is supposed to be some of the dirtyest in the world though so I would put them in a seperate system for 3-4 days just to make sure they're fine. I know that people have done this though... maybe someone with experience can chime in.
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    If you do harvest locally, make sure that you keep the animals for at least three days in a clean tank prior to putting them in yours.

    You need to set up another (twenty gallon or so) tank to use as a quarantine vessel.

    The only time I didn't do this, I lost everything in my reef tank. Stupid of me.

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