Changing octo eating habits


Larval Mass
Have had an O. briareus for about 6 weeks that has been doing great. When he came home from the LFS his diet was pretty much silversides. I have been giving him both shrimp and little neck clams from the seafood dept at the grocery store. He def seems to prefer this to the silversides. In fact he wants nothing to do with the silversides anymore.
He gets all his food off the end of a "feeding stick". For the past couple of days when I go to feed him, he does not reach for the food. However, if I kinda "slide" it under him he accepts it and eats. Is this common or normal? Is this something I should be worrying about? Any of his other habits seem to have remained unchanged, and all water readings have remained the same.


Staff member
I have not kept a briareus but we have seen similar behavior with our hummelincki. Adding live food (fiddler crabs) more often and not offering shrimp for a couple of days (with the live food available in the tank) seems to remedy the finicky behavior with OhToo.


Larval Mass
No one ariund here has fiddler crabs. Was going to order some online, but not sure if I should get the smaller ones or the larger ones. His mantle is 2 1/2 to 3 inches long, about an inch between his eyes. Cam easily stretch out better than 2 feet. would I want the larger ones?

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