Can i do this?


i have a fluval 403 canister filter that attaches to the back of my tank with a hose type thing that pours the water into the tank. I can adjust this so that it pours the water into the tank above the water line, but it is very noisy like this. I want to know is it ok for me to adjust it pours the water into the tank below the water line?

Also, i want to post how my water is doing to see if it is normal
S.G- 1.024
PH- 8.0
Ammonia- 1.5
Nitrite- 0.3
Nitrate- 25
(on my test kit it measures these things in "mg/l" is that right?)

thanks guys


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Hello Rockthis,

Yes, the water outlet in most tanks is usually well below the water line, so that would be fine.

I'll leave the water parameters and nitrogen cycle for Colin to answer.


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