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Hi all,

I'm mark, I'm a botany undergrad and i've always loved my tanks. I've freshwater for the past 12 years, and saltwater for the past 2. Recently i had to sell my nano reef and I decided to go in a different direction with my tanks now. I set up a 20 long macro and non-photo tank and still have my former reef 20 hex. I think i'm ready to dabble in cephalopods and i'm glad i found this forum.


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If you are wanting to try cephs please do read all the ceph care info, so you get the right ceph for the size of tank you have, they need surprisingly large tanks (they produce mega quantities of waste compared to a similar sized fish!). 30G is good for the dwarf species anything else probably needs a minimum of 50G, this is for octopus, I'm less versed on the needs of cuttlefish! and squid are pretty near impossible to keep (even in very large professionally run aquaria {not that I'm saying you would be less skilled or concerned, but you would have less $$$$ to put in!!}). You will also need to be able to provide a lot of good quality food (NOT freshwater critters except for a treat!). One last thing from me, if your tanks have had any copper in them (say from meds) then they cannot be used for cephs. You can't get rid of the copper (it is bound to the silicon and leaches out) and it is fatal to cephs in low concentrations.

OK the VERY last thing! Sorry if I sound negative (I don't mean to!) but it's important to me that you enjoy the experience & that the ceph gets the best environment possible!!!! I'll climb off my soap box now and :welcome: again!


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Thanks for all the info! Actually i'm looking to have a 60ish gallon system consisting of 3 20 gallon tanks plumbed together. I'm set on s. bandensis, and hoping to get a pair. I'm also trying to raise live mysids and also look into breeding SW mollies (mainly for a sargassum angler I hope to have in another of the 20s) Also all my tanks check out for copper. they've all been used as SW or new, so no worries there.

As for the plants i'm studying, I'm gonna start my own little project with Acanthophora spicifera, a macroalgae, soon. right now i'm also working on setting up a bio-diesel project with microalgaes. But i'm actually most interested in psychotropic plants such as Salvia divinorum and Heimia spp. (gotta sick to growing legal stuff for the time being )


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Some how getting high on exhaust doesn't seem to be a good (albeit you would have followers) idea :wink:

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