blue ringed octos

H. lunulata

O. bimaculoides
other than the fact that they can kill you(which is a big thing to consider) :sad: do these animals make good captive and are they really aggresive compared to ather octos


Colossal Squid
HI Roy,

Interesting article. Your daughter had a very lucky escape! When I was visiting Hobart one of the researchers there had some in tanks (VERY secure lids!) & I remember thinking that the postures all looked very aggro.

I wonder if it's a size thing? We keep small Octis here (Dunedin NZ) They're in the Octopus complex (likely to be O.warringa ) and they are waaaay more inclined to bite than the bigger spp.

Just a thought....but I wouldn't ever keep a BR in a home aquarium.



Interesting read...and yes, I would only recommend keeping BR octos if you are doing research...having kept them before for a photo study, they really aren't that fun to keep, not at all like a bimac.
Jean brings up a good point...the little brown octopus that we collect now and again bites like crazy, in fact, will sometimes go waaaay out its way to do so...maybe it is a Napolean complex?

erich orser

Cousteau commented on this while diving with o. dofleini in Puget Sound. He was quite happy that the giants were nothing like his hometown o. vulgaris in temperament; if so, they would be extremely dangerous. I've noticed the same thing with tiny dogs.


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