Betta Enrichment!!!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
I was alittle something at work today, and have this Betta that sits on my desk.....First I showed him the fish....Then I showed him the octopus....hate to say it but the fish won!!!!! (They think I'm nuts at work.....even more so after today!!!!)



Blue Ring
That reminds me of when i had a beautiful betta....I felt bad for him as his life seemed dull and unamusing. So one day before work I put a mirror against his tank..and he puffed right up all ready to fight the other male (his own image).....he swam back and forth in front of that other fish, was a little tough guy. About 9 hours later I got home and realized I forgot to remove the mirror before i left. Wow, that was one sorry looking betta, he was plumb wore out and still trying to fight his image.

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