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Baby Dwarf Octopus


Larval Mass
Feb 22, 2006
I hatched out some baby dwarf octopus from eggs laid by a wild caught female and am going to sell them to local pet shops I don't know what to charge though I am new to the hobby and dont even know if I should ask this question in this forum. Any help would be appreciated.


Jul 10, 2005
Well done keeping them alive!
I take it they are all happy and feeding well? I would imagine there might be a few people interested in buying one here on the forums, although I dont know if there is a trade/exchange section.
If they have just hatched it is most likely that you will loose some to various causes(cannibilism ect).
Just make sure the people who buy them know what they are doing, and send them here if they need help. :grin:


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