Are UV/BlackLight LED's safe for an octo?


Well I want to set up my octo tank with a variety of light schemes, at the moment I have the moonlight leds, and was thinking about getting uv ones aswell, you could see all the activity at night when all the little worms and stuff come out. Does any part of the octo react to uv?

Will it be safe for the octo? I know with a normal tube blacklight you can burn scorpions eyes for example. I dont think it would happen with leds, but I thought I would make sure.

The leds I'm looking at are

Also with uv you get really cool colours like this.....



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DHyslop said:
I'd be worried your octo would start listening to the Grateful Dead and eating a lot of cheetos, man.


" suckers are huge"

They have blacklight on the octo at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. I don't like how it looks, but that's more my (possibly weird) aesthetics. It does seem worrisome to me, since there's probably not that much UV light in an octo's natural environment, so it could damage their eyes or skin, but I don't know of any actual problems. Since it sounds like you'll have multiple lighting options, maybe you could use the UV for special occasions, like when DHyslop comes over with the cheetos, but not all the time...


Yeah I dont actually like the purple colour, just all the fluro colours that it makes. Many reef people report that their tanks are much more interesting after lights out, they see weird unusual things they didnt even know were in the tank. And with a uv light you can watch them without them noticing you or being scared by normal lights.
I was told by octo oakly that when he rigged up red leds his octo freaked, so I wont be trying those.

Ultimately I just want a switch panel with the lighting scheme being however I feel on the day. All led because they leds look awesome IMO.

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