Aloha from Hawai'i


Larval Mass
Aloha! I've been an unregistered lurker on this forum for quite some time now, and I thought it was finally time to join ;)

I work as a Marine Biologist for the state, with an expertise in marine ornamental aquaculture. Most of the research I've been involved with has been finfish aquaculture, however, I hope to start "playing" with cephs in the not so distant future.

Currently, I am raising sea urchins as a biocontrol for invasive algae in the Hawaiian waters.


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:cuttlehi: @FatFish! Love getting new ceph academic members (because you have more toys then hobbyists :sagrin:). If you will start a post in the Members' Publications thread , I will add you to my Google Scholar scan. You don't need post anything but your academic name (but are welcomed to post more) and I will add links as they show up. The publications can be anything related to cephs (video documentaries, magazines, etc) and do not need to be in an official journal. I don't use a standard footnote reference but you are welcomed to add, delete or correct anything I find (this is the reason you need to initiate the post).

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