Absolutely gobsmacked


Jan 18, 2009
Those of you have read my cuttle thread will recall how i lost one of cuttles, only to find him in the filter sock in the sump where he had survived for weeks!

Well, only a few days after his capture and he escaped again.

This time i assumed the worst as he was BARELY half inch and to date, it had been at least a month since his loss, if not more.

Well, last night i was admiring my cuttles in their plastic home within the tank when i noticed something coming towards me along the front of the glass, at pace!

My first thought was that it was one of my lettuce slugs going parachuting! But dismissed that due to the bulk of it.

As it came into view i could see that it was a cuttle, running along the glass, and a big one at that! well, i say big, 1 1/2 inches.

My first thought was one of panic, another cuttle had escaped!!!! so i did a head count 1,2,3,4 and 5! i was a bit shocked to i did a recount and again found all 5.

So this cuttle, the escapee, had found his way into my tank over a month ago, and not only that but survived, and grew!

GOD knows what he has been eating but i spent about an hour interacting with him :biggrin2:

I am over the moon and shocked at these little survivors! Then my partner pointed out after i mentioned he showed no fear towards me " he's probably been watching us for the past month "

Sooooo i will be releasing the remainder tonight, a bit premature perhaps but im happy enough that if he can survive the others will.


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