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Hey everyone, its been awhile since I have posted but I was looking for some opinions. I found an interesting tank made by Mr. Aqua, it's a 12 Gallon Long tank (Dimensions 35.4 x 8.3 x 9.4 Inch). It is a rimless tank so I would have to fashion some kind of seal for the top. Just wondering if this would be suitable for O. Mercatoris? Also the sump would be a 15 Gallon tank with skimmer and other filtration. So we're talking about 20 gallons of water in a small tank. Your thoughts would be much appreciated, Thanks! :smile:


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WITH the sump and numerous dens it should be OK. My female mercs pretty much found a den and stayed there. The males were more adventurous so be sure to have a selection of dens. The biggest problem with be finding one. We have not seen many dwarfs in the last two years.
Given that mercatoris is such a secretive species, does anyone have installed any type of submersible camera to capture habits & behaviors otherwise observable in suspected dens? Reading of these, I don't see the attraction of keeping this particular species without such provisions. It's cool that they don't require a large tank, but nobody seems to have much interaction with them...

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