Many years ago I made a drawing of a monstrous creature with a humanoid-like torso without arm and the head of a squid, which uses its tentacles like arms to hold weapons. Last year I found this drawing again and thought this could be interesting to sculpt it as a bust. So I made a little modified version ot the drawing as a sculpey-sculpture. The height of the actual body and head is about 6cm. I tried to give the weapons some kind of organic marine look, if they were made of grown bones and similar things. I think it looks also a little bit like Cthulhu, so it had for a long time the working-title Cthulhuoid, but I think squid-warrior fits better its look.
Looks like a "Mindflayer", you might google that. My friends are D&D nerds and it's a character with a humanoid body and squid/cuttle head.

Very cool.
Yes, there is indeed a similarity. I think I made the blueprint for this model years before I had internet, so I couldn´t use such pictures as models. My main idea was that this creature would use the tentacles of its head and would not use or need human-like arms. The original version had to long clubbed tentacles which were actually used like the arms, but this didn´t look good at the model and hard to sculpt.
Definitely spawn of Cthulhu. They come in all shapes, sizes, and variations. Some have even been dissected by Steve O'Shea and Kat, whether they knew it or not!
Thank you for those compliments! It would surely look much better if it would be painted, but I´m still not sure what colour it will have.

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