Ceph Care

Cephalopod Care Articles

  1. Keeping cephalopods in captivity

    By Colin Dunlop November 2003 (also appears in the February/March 2004, Issue - 16 of Marine World Magazine)
  2. Ceph Care Equipment List

    Checklist for your Cephalopod Tank
  3. Before You Get An Octopus as a Pet...

    Checklist: Things to Think About Before You Get An Octopus as a Pet
  4. Octopus Basics - Keeping an Octopus as a Pet

    A few things to think about if you want to keep an octopus as a pet.
  5. Keeping an Octopus

    Tips on keeping an octopus; originally appeared in Practical Fishkeeping Magazine
  6. Octopus bimaculoides Care Sheet

    Bimac/Two-spot Octopus Care Sheet by Nancy King
  7. Ceph Care, Past and Future

    In 2006 Nancy King provided her perspective on cephalopod care.
  8. Ink's Story

    By Carol Sauer (corw314) in 2003.
  9. Before you buy a cuttlefish....

    Things to keep in mind before you decide to get a cuttlefish
  10. Cuttlefish Basics - Keeping a Cuttlefish as a Pet

    Thinking about keeping a cuttlefish? Here are a few things to think about.
  11. Sepia bandensis: husbandry and breeding

    Advanced care for dwarf cuttlefish
  12. Tankmates: It Works Until It Doesn't

    By David Perry (CaptFish)
  13. O. chierchiae babies (LPSO)

    By Richard Ross
  14. Packing and Shipping Cephalopods

    Best practices in cephalopod transport
  15. DIY Skimmer

    Do-it-yourself skimmer for your cephalopod tank