Do-it-yourself skimmer for your cephalopod tank

By: Lawfish - June 8, 2003

I would like to make several comments before I begin this article. First, I do not intend to represent that I invented this type of skimmer. I based the design upon a Skimmer which was built by a member of Reef Central. Second, the current incarnation of this skimmer is for in-sump (or next to sump) use. The water outlet must be allowed to flow without being plumbed above the top of the mixing box or it will fill the riser with water instead of foam.

I strongly suggest that you read the entire article before you begin building (or even buying supplies). There are a couple of variations depending on the size pump that you choose to use. Also, determine where you intend to install the skimmer (in or next to sump) and take measurements to insure that it (and any necessary plumbing) will fit in that space. Finally, because this skimmer is built from acrylic, I will include a section on the basics of working with acrylic. If you get stuck or do not understand something feel free to send me a PM and I will try to help in any way that I can.

Table of Contents

I. Acrylic Basics
a. Cutting acrylic sheet and tube
b. Preparing edges for joining
c. Drilling acrylic
d. Joining acrylic
e. Finishing acrylic
f. Sources for acrylic sheet, tube and supplies

II. Do It Yourself Skimmer
a. Necessary Materials
b. Cutting and preparing pieces of the mixing box
c. Cutting the acrylic tube
d. Preparing flanges and gaskets
e. Preparing first riser tube and water inlet...
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