Cephalopod Tattoos

By Tony Morelli
Thales' cuttlefish/squid hybrid tattoo

The TONMO Image Gallery contains dozens of images of cephalopod tattoos, broken down into three categories:octopus, cuttlefish, and squid. Cephalopod tattoos are one of the most popular subjects on TONMO -- our gallery has millions of views, and I frequently receive inquiries from people looking for ideas on ceph tattoos, or references for tattoo artists and images.

As TONMOers know, there's a society of people who have a passion for these animals. To explore the cephalopod tattoo subject further, I emailed a survey (and later posted it) to people who shared their tattoo images by posting them our gallery. While our sample size for this survey is small (we received 16 responses), we did get some good learnings. Clearly, tattoos are a personal choice, and individuality is the hallmark of a tattoo. So if you're one of those people looking to get inked by a tattoo gun as opposed to an octopus or squid, hopefully you'll find this summary helpful. Here's what I found:

First, while several respondents admitted that their tattoos did not turn out they way they originally envisioned, almost everyone is "very happy" with their finished tattoos -- with one exception saying they were only "somewhat happy" with the finished product. In fact, several respondents went out of their way to comment that they LOVE their tattoos...
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