1. tonmo

    Look what "D" did!

    Nice work @DWhatley!
  2. Architeuthoceras

    New Fossil Cephalopod Article

    500 million years of cephalopod fossils | Earth Archives With references to a few TONMO members :)
  3. tonmo

    Nice news article on ceph fossils

    and it credits TONMO (@Phil's article) as a reference: Searching for the Old Ones: Lovecraftian giant cephalopods and the fossil record
  4. Your Webmaster

    Your Webmaster

    Illustrated by TONMO member ekocak.
  5. tonmo

    They Eat That?

    I did not know that TONMO was referenced in this book from 2012... happened upon it today while doing some research... I need to compile a list of all the books which have referenced this site; it may be double-digit at this point! They Eat That?: A Cultural Encyclopedia of Weird and Exotic...
  6. tonmo

    A nice reflection...

    Hi all, I wanted to share this pretty cool thread here on TONMO... some nice comments from TONMOers on the impact THIS community has had on their careers. Cool! The Octopus News Magazine Online - Timeline | Facebook