Other Cephy Articles

  1. Is Octopus Ink Similar to Fountain Pen Ink?

    Awww... you guys made me ink!
  2. Octopus Definition

    Webster definition of octopus
  3. Visit to the NRCC (2002)

    TONMO staffers Nancy and Colin visited the National Research Center for Cephalopods in 2002; this is their story.
  4. I Belong in a Museum

    In 2008, Kat Bolstad visited a museum and shared her experience with the TONMO community.
  5. Editorial: The '05 Living Architeuthis Photos

    Webmaster thoughts on the first photos of living giant squid, in 2005.
  6. Classic Videos

    Member-submitted videos from the earlier days of TONMO
  7. Poetry Digest

    A collection of cephalopod-themed poetry submitted to TONMO.
  8. What is Cthulhu?

    A skit of sorts, by TONMO staff members Greg Ewald (cthulhu77( and Erich Orser (Erich)
  9. OctoThoughts

    An archive of some of the thoughts and observations posted on TONMO.com in the early years...
  10. Cephalopod Tattoos

    Survey and summary by Tony Morelli
  11. Steve O'Shea Autobiography

    Dr. Steve O'Shea Autobiography and Select Bibliography (2008)
  12. Skot Olsen Art

    Review by Clem
  13. Puget Sound Octopus Survey 2001

    By Roland C. Anderson
  14. Walter's Walk (Short Story)

    By Tony Morelli (2004)
  15. Cephalopod Crossword

    Have some cephy fun!