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  • Cephalopod Poetry Digest
    Love the poems above! I once invented an evil prehistoric cephalopod to be the embodiment of fear in one of my marine stories, set 20 million...
  • Nautiloids: The First Cephalopods
    Fossils! Thank-you for this article. I will remember it is here in case it is useful to me some time. We have a marine fossil expert here in New...
  • Deep-Sea Cephalopods: An Introduction and Overview
    Tagging @Tintenfisch (author) :smile:
  • Deep-Sea Cephalopods: An Introduction and Overview
    I was fascinated to read about Haliphron atlanticus in your article above. I live in the Bay of Islands and go about by kayak. I look forward to...
  • Ink's Story (O. bimaculoides)
    Great story. Thanks Just to help define the life span of a captive bimac: I've caught and kept several local (Southern California) bimacs, the...
  • Fossil Octopuses
    Hi ya. Glad you liked the article. Yes that is a sea urchin, or rather concretion that has broken off the fossil, so it is concave - a 'negative'...
  • Fossil Octopuses
    Spot on - thanks! Disappointed, but educated!
  • Fossil Octopuses
    HI @wtacollins, @Phil may have other insights, but FWIW, based on this recent post on TONMO, I'd say that's probably a sea urchin...
  • Fossil Octopuses
    Hi Phil, Read a post elsewhere, then found your article. Please see the photo - looks intriguingly familiar, and may be quite a find! Post can...