you can play with cuttlefish too!


May 30, 2009
Most of you have probably seen my tank and baby threads and know I just have the one cuttlefish left. For the first few months of life I had a very hands off approach. I fed him live food and never tried hard to train him to eat any frozen.

Months later he now can consume half a dozen shore shrimp a day. Almost the cost of a bag of several hundred frozen silversides. Remember I'm in Canada so shipping is $$$ to get hundreds of shore shrimp here overnight.

At first my cuttle didnt know what to make of the dead silversides. I use a toothpick glued onto 2 chopsticks. This was mainly because originally I couldnt find any fishing line in the house. He was very skittish and it would take up to half an hour for him to eat off it.

Now weeks later he knows its food and I'm pretty sure he knows its dead. He will come after it as soon as he sees it in the tank but will not strike. I'm thinking he knows its not alive. He will wait until i put it right infront of his face and then grab it with all his tenticles without striking or slowly creep up to it.

He will hang onto it even if I pull him half way around the tank. He continues to swim backwords until he can pull the silverside off the toothpick then slowly eat it. I break them up because if I give him a whole one he ends up eating the middle and the tail and the head end up floating around the tank.

I must admit after spending more time with the cuttle he now looks me right in the eye, is not afriad to swim around even when I have someone over to check him out where as before he would ink if i looked at him the wrong way.

It used to take me forever to find him, sometimes I woudlnt even see him no matter how hard I look. Now if he's hungry he'll find me. Very neat.

He may not be as smart as an octo but still is one pretty cool ceph.

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