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Why do O. tetricus shed the skin (scale) of the suction pad?


Pygmy Octopus
Jan 5, 2012
Hi, Have just added a O. tetricus to my tanks and have noticed that there are a few skin like suction pads floating in the water. They are clearly from the suction pads. Can anyone help as to why? Is this normal?



Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
Little Bit (likely a small O. Vulgaris or a huge O. joubini) decided that our hands made great shedding surfaces. Up until she started brooding she would grab one of us and pull with a lot of force. Her intent was not clear until we noticed the sucker shed was consistent. She tamed enough to allow me to "tickle" her suckers where I would see loose skin and became somewhat less aggressive (at least with me :grin:). She is post brood now and does not show the amount of strength she had before laying eggs but will let me tickle her suckers (now without grabbing) and will still sometimes reach and gently pull on my arm. She never acclimated to being touched else where (except an occasional rub just below the eyes) and maintains that distance but will allow all of her suckers to be touched without a negative reaction.

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