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    Who's Who in Cephalopods: Octopuses and Cuttlefishes for the Home Aquarium

    Dedication (p. 5):
    To Ollie, who began it all, and to Erin, who is the future
    Ollie was Nancy’s bimac. Photos of Ollie can be found on pp. 148,196, 198, 199
    Erin is Colin’s daughter, who will be 5 in November. She appears in the photo on p. 100

    People who appear in photographs in the book
    p. 100 Erin (Colins daughter) and Colin’s dad
    p. 107 The hand of Bill King, Nancy’s husband, with a bite from Ollie
    p. 193 Rich Ross (Thales) taking a photo
    p. 211 Kevin Bylund (architeuthoceras) holding a fossil
    p. 219 Steve O’Shea (himself) and squid
    p. 220 The tattooed leg of Greg Barord (gjbarord)

    Key to photographers who are TONMO.com members (p. 239)

    Gregory J Barord - gjbarord
    Kat Bolstad - tintenfisch
    Kevin Bylund - architeuthoceras
    Roy Caldwell - Neogonodactylus
    Domick Cirigliano - Domboski
    Robyn Crook - robyn
    Adam Daw - marinebio_guy
    Colin Dunlop - Colin
    Greg Ewald - cthulhu77
    Phil Eyden - Phil
    Marcus Holcomb - markush
    Christine Huffard - mucktopus
    Dan Hyslop - DHyslop
    Nancy King - Nancy
    Matthew McGhee - Inception7
    Daniel Pon - Paradox
    Richard Ross - Thales
    Michael Roth - Michael Roth
    Jennifer Saitz - cuttlegirl
    Carol Sauer-Corwin - corw314
    Michael Seidman - MikeS
    Zyan Silver - zyan silver
    Joe Strickland - joefish84
    Dale Tyler - Animal Mother
    D Whatley - dwhatley

    I suppose we could also add a list of cephs who have names, by page number, if you're interested.


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