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White round spot on top of head of GPO


Pygmy Octopus
Oct 18, 2011
Hey y'all.

So our (approximately) year old giant Pacific octopus has a white mark/abrasion/cut on her head. It's circular in shape and about an inch and a half in diameter. She has been jetting around her tank an awful lot lately, so I'm assuming she's been hitting her head on things and that's where the cut came from. I'm also assuming this is fairly common with GPOs, since many of the GPOs I used to work with at my old volunteer jobs had the same marks on their heads, too. But again, that's an assumption, and I could be wrong.

SO! How common is this occurence with octopuses? Should we be concerned? Is there anything we should keep an eye out for that might imply it's getting infected?



Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
Dunedin, New Zealand
Sounds like a bash to me, scarring is often white as the chromatophores don't re-establish. If it continues to enlarge, you may want to consider treating for an infection.

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