White marks near the end of the Tentecle


Ok so i have my little Zim (banesis) purchased from octopets (thought he was Officianlis but he never got bigger than 6 inch)
hes been doing just fine but now hes got what look like small 1/2inch or so calous looking things on the ends of his tentecles.
I checked all the stuff and
ph is at 8 (a little low for my tastes) and
Nitrite is at 0
Nitrate is at 20 (yikes)
and ammonia is at 0
Salinity is at .027 (slightly high added a gallon of water)

Zim is about 6 months with me and there fore about 9 months or so old.
he eats constantly and shows no other signs of ill health
notable changes to tank recently are
2 hunks of rock (non live) rinsed and placed in tank 3 days apart from each other
and a Fluval 404 filter now sits as my sump pump
water goes into sump around a bunch of stuff i have had down in there forever and then gets sucked up by the fluval and pumped into the tank (thought was that anything that gets through that filter system is to hard core to deal with anyway)
tank is almost 1 and 1/2 years old
sand bed is 1or 2 inch deep (with some bare spots because Zim likes to bury himself.)

any thoughts on what the white things are ?
they wont change color when he does and are almost like the top layer of skin is gone

my thoughts are that he might be rubbing them on the sand to much
or he is scraping on the new rocks
but its a 75 gal tank with PLENTY of room.
any ideas?
Has it been seen before?

Thank you for your time in this matter


upon further review the parts of his Tentacles that are affected are the same ones he presses against the glass when hes near the top of the tank at night
could they really be callouses?
every night after lights out he floats to the very top of the tank and bumps around the edges (I am presuming he is looking for other squid) and some times ill put my hand in and he will play with me a bit.
and when he is doing that parts of his tentacles are touching the glass and from the look of it its the parts that no longer change color but are just white all the time.
very strange


Good observation. Is he showing any signs of distress? Fungus, bacteria etc... If he's still eating, swiming around, and behaving normally, I would just say pay close attention and keep a daily log. Good luck.

Sidebar your honor; how'd you keep him so small, this sp. is notorious for getting HUGE?


here i thought the Officinalis was supposed to get big
I thought i ordered an officinalis (common eurpoean cuttle) that gets to be 18 inch long (my new 150 gal comes in today) and i planned for it
but here he is at 9 months old and only 6-7 inch long. So i must conclude that he is Bandesis which only get to be that big
I feed him every day and mix it up with saltwater fiddlers and frozen shrimp.
He still attacks my cat and turns purple if you touch him and he eats like normal and does not seem to have any new behaviours

Funny story
I thought he was an Officinalis and there for a cold water cuttle so I kept the temperature at 65-68 F When i started to suspect that he was a Bandesis I put a heater in my sump and went (slowly) to 72-75 F and he really started to shine. lots of motion and activity
Poor guy has been freezing his whole life.


OIC I actually meant officinalis got huge. So... it was a bandensis, very cool. How is the little guy looking so far?

I guess he was freezing. LOL!

Keep us posted.



Zim is doing well
he still has the habit of rubbing his face against the glass after lights out.
I dont know why.
When he is doing this he is like all zoned out. I can put my hand in and almost pick him up before he moves away.
he is eating a lot more than he used to.
and he is starting to miss fiddler crabs when attacking.
Age might be catching up to the old man.
heck he even missed the shrimp i was holding in my hand and it didnt move.
ohh well
they are great friends while they are here. They just arnt here very long.


It is sad that they do have such a short lifespan. Do you have any pics that you can post?

Nihongo ga wakarimas ka?
Anata wa nihonjin?


I have attempted to upload a coupld of images of Zim to the ceph gallery here at tonmo
said something about admin approval
when they get approved you can see on the Head on shot of Zim the white rubbed away areas that dont change color no more.
hmm while im at it ill see if i have some decent shots of Megas
I dont speak Japanese :)
Mizu is a term I picked up in Martial Arts Class :)


Why is he so small
if hes supposed to get to 18 inches and hes only 8 and if he only lives 12-18 months hes got 3 months to get another TEN inches.
the spots dont change color he keeps rubbing against the top part of the tank at night
from what i can tell he does this all night long
is there any treatment?
If he is supposed to be an officinalis and not a bandesis then i have to MOVE on my 150 i just got.
Crap crap crap maybe hes feeling crowded
hes in a 75 now.
he seems to have enought room

hes main diet is Fraozen shrimp and Fiddler crabs for treats.
Man its going to be 6-7 weeks before I can get him into the 150 damn filter isnt even here yet


Colossal Squid
He/she looks like S. officinalis to me. It looks like she may be rubbing off her skin at the top of your tank. Is it from rubbing against the glass, or is she rubbing against something else? Is she only rubbing in one part of the tank (that you could partition off?) or is it all around the tank? Is she trying to get something outside of the tank in that area? Good luck.


Are the affected tentacle able to grab prey, and they appear to be a little shorter than normal, perhaps it's just the picture.
Best of luck!


Since Zim only rubs his face on the glass at night after the lights go off I put him on a 24 hour day. Lights on all day and night. If I can keep him from rubbing for a day or two Im hoping hell start to heal up.

Its all over the tank that he rubs. right at the top just under the water. all four sides. His eyes get all big like they do and he just sort of zones out. I have mandated no TV at night in the room with him and no other lights.
Seems like he wants to wander at night.
New tank is deeper and wider but not longer
hope he like it

he eats just fine
grabs stuff
they stretch out and make those hand signals that Cuttles do.
he has a wierd "Cough" like he spreads all his arms out wide and like well coughs. and his arms all looks good then.


Larval Mass
Mizu said:
Why is he so small
if hes supposed to get to 18 inches and hes only 8 and if he only lives 12-18 months hes got 3 months to get another TEN inches.
Growthrates depend on temperature.
When I was studying squid and sepiolids at DML in Scotland they had hatched out a dozen or so S. officinalis eggs at the lab. 4 cuttles were given to the local Sealife Center when they were a few months old. At the lab we kept them in a heated tank (about 72F) and The Sealife Center kept them in an unheated tank (< 60F). After about 5 months our cuttles were about 10" and the ones at the sealife center were only 5 inches.
Also in the wild only cold water S. officinalis populations grow that big and live that long (18+ months). Mediterranian populations only live for about a year and don't get nearly as big.

Cute little cuttle, though.:smile:

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