Which is better to have: a squid or an octopus?


Larval Mass
*Sprt sprt!*

My mom's always thought about having a saltwater aquarium full of exotic fish. Recently, I purposed that we go ahead with preparing a tank, learning how to set things up, etc. I then asked her if I could get a squid or octopus (my original intention was that I like cephalopods and I wanted to see how intelligent they are, i.e.- teach it to shake hands or whatever) for the tank. She agreed, but only if my grades next semester were good enough. So, I need to know from some experts, which is the better and/or more intelligent cephalopod to have: a squid or an octopus?


Colossal Squid
Squids are pretty much impossible to all but the largest of purpose build ponds and are therefore beyond the reach of almost all in the hobby.
if you read back past posts you'll see what problems there have been.

Octopuses are much easier compared


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