Where to get cuttles in UK


any suggestions on where the best place to source cuttles would be? im in the london area

is the Sepia officinalis native to british waters? i know they can be readily found in the med. seen them many times while scuba diving. not sure if they can be found off the coast of england. if so i would like to catch 1 or 2 young ones if possible.

but im mostly interested in gettiing a couple of Sepia bandensis as i have the setup ready for them.



I don't mean to flood him with private messages, but perhaps Colin Dunlop could help with the sourcing in the UK. Worth a try...or better yet you could ask him to respond in this thread. He is very hard to locate (just kidding) his forum name is Colin.

Edit: I just messaged Colin and asked if he could respond in this thread, so no need to send multiple messages. :smile:


Colossal Squid
Thanks for the heads up

I am a bit out of touch with cephalopods in the UK due to a lot of other commitments taking up my time. Best bet for a tropical species is to ask at a specialist marine shop to see if you can get them to check their export lists for any cephalopods but specifically cuttlefish eggs also sometimes listed as "squid eggs". You will need to hatch them from the eggs though but it is the safest way to ship them.

If you are looking for S. officinalis then I am sorry but I have lost touch with my UK sources. But they can be found on the south coast of the UK. If you can get in touch with small local fishermen down there at a harbour they might be able to advise you of where to get officinalis eggs (often found attached to their lobster pots). No easy answer for this one, need legwork!

I dont know if anyone in the UK is breeding bandensis these days as that is obviously the best source

good luck


thank you colin for the info. ill definetly have a good look round the local marine stores near me. and ill see if i can get a fisherman to pass on some cuttle eggs in their by catch.

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