where is a good place to get live rock for cheap?


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I got all of my stuff for the tank from Craigslist.com, Just be patient, and eventually live rock will come up. then try to talk the person down to like $3.50 or $4 a pound.


i found mine on craigslist as well, along with practically everything else i needed from one woman who was breaking down her tank. super super cheap. i definitely recommend looking around there and reefcentral-type "used" forums.

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If there is a local marine aquarium society in your area you might be able to buy some off of a member for cheap.

For example, mine is the Dallas Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society (DFWMAS) and there's a "for sell" forum on their website. So you might google that with the name of your nearest city and see what pops up.


Fishkid...check out craigslist.com in the "hartford" area. Search for Live rock...in South Windsor theres a 75 gallon tank getting ripped down. LR going for 5 a pound, plus its seasoned and fully cured.,,theres 70 pounds, I may buy 20 of it if I decide to turn my 29 into a cuttle tank. But let me know if this works out for you.


I "cloned" my own by getting "holey limestone" from a landscape rock store and filling the tank with that and getting good quality live rock to go on top of it.

Get a supplement called "Purple up" and cycle the tank.

You don't have the die off and the rock is the real thing so it has all the holes and crevaces that store bought rock does for the filtration.

I found most "live rock" I have bought was dead, except for a few choice pieces. Just pay for a couple of the best rock you can find and have the same thing in 6 months.

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