what's the most active diurnal octopus?


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Of those you mentioned, I have only kept O. bimaculoides, and know others who have kept this species, too. It is out during the day and is active and friendly. It might be hard to get ahold of - I notice you're in Canada.



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Aculeatus (or at least an Abdopus cousin) will be the most easily found if you are purchasing retail as they are imported by commercial suppliers from the Philippines to both the US and occasionally to Canada. O. bimaculoides is a cold water species (tolerates up to 72 F but lives longer at 64 F) and may suit your temps best if you can source one (typically found off the coast of California and cannot be legally sold -- can be caught and kept, just not sold) and safely bring it into Canada. I believe O. rubescens can be found along your southern Pacific borders as well as Oregon and Washington in the US but these require very cold water (50's F) and are not often seen for sale.

O. vulgaris is another option. They are listed as nocturnal but, at least the Caribbean group, are often found hunting at all times of the day. Sourcing one is the difficult part (as well as tank size).

O. hummelincki is a Caribbean species that appears to be the warm water equivalent to the bimaculoides. Here again, sourcing is difficult. These were once quite common (often mistaken for O. vulgaris) but we have seen very few since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

I would love to try O. cyanea myself but they get large and like to roam. I am not sure how well they would do in a home aquarium but have suggested to an employee of our public aquarium that they would make good display animals. I have heard rumors that they have tried one but I have not been to see (and don't know that my suggestion had anything to do with the attempt).

Here is a list of the most typical animals we see and my thought on acquiring them.

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