what species would i be catching here in OZ


Larval Mass
hi guys im form australia and have thought about keeping cuttlefish i have many years expirence keeping fish and corals also coral and anemone propagation .my question
is what species would i find in my local area QLD WATERS moreton bay ?

ive caught lots of them before usually the food type cuttlefish.

and would like to try keeping one of them the biggest one i have caught was about a foot in length .

i know i need a good sized tank to keep them but if breding was feasable i would like to give it a go aswell.
any help would be appreciated thanks


Larval Mass
Hey neman,

I'm in a similar position to you except I'm in Victoria. The only two species that i could find that might be suitable are the Reaper Cuttlefish and the Mourning Cuttlefish - both grow to about 15cm from what I've read. I think these two are quite common in Sydney though. I've found this website http://www.marineboutique.com.au/ and emailed the guys that operate it. They've told me they got eggs in a few weeks ago but could not tell me the species. Advice they gave me was to sign up and then add it to their wish list and you'll get notification if anything comes in.
Let me know if you have any luck!

I'm considering a dive trip to Sydney to maybe get my hands on some eggs :)

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