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What octopus can fit this set up?


Mar 9, 2015
Fort Collins, Colorado
I am wondering what species of octopus would best fit my setup, finished product will be a 55 gallon tank with a 35 gallon sump. I would like a O. Bimac but after reading about the policies in California on the selling of them (and the likelihood of me getting one) i have been interested in a O. Briareus. Would these tank parameters suit well for one?

Thank you,



Dec 13, 2013
New York City
It is nocturnal, and was shy at first but now is very active. It is always crawling along the walls of my tank, and will sometimes come over to watch me. I haven't gotten it to interact with me yet, but have been informed it is a species that does tend to interact a lot, so I'm just waiting.


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
Most any octopus you will find commercially for sale will work. Keep in mind that each has its own personality so species is less important than the individual animal AND the amount of time you spend with it (sometimes without reciprocation). O. hummelincki is also an excellent choice if you can find one. Should you see a bimac for sale, it will more likely be hummelincki. They have been hard to come by but a few have starte showing up recently. Due to an email problem, I missed out on one a couple of weeks ago.

For looks, you can't beat O. briareus. O.vulgaris is highest on my favorites list but very hard to come by (not sure why since they are thought to be plentiful). You won't likely get a real choice unless you know the supplier and can get advance photos (primarily because few suppliers can id an octopus) but remember that they only live about a year and you won't be getting a hatchling. I always suggest simply enjoying what you end up with each time. Neal always laughs when I name a favorite species and claims the species changes with whatever I have in the tank at the time of the statement.

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