What kind of tank should I start with?

Discussion in 'Tank Talk' started by QueenB, Jan 11, 2010.

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    OK I thought I have seen just about every style of aquarium/tank out there, but this one totally threw me. :bugout:

    I can't stop laughing. :lol:

    I've been chewing my nails off trying to decide what kind of tank/aquarium to start with. :banghead:

    I would love the Red Sea max 130D or Most likely Red Sea Max 250, if I can wait till income tax time. But as I plan on in the future having an Octo, would want something as Octo proof as posible. Any thoughts on the Red Sea Max 250 is greatly appriciated! I have been looking for something drilled, and pretty much a complete setup. Tank, stand, hood, lights, filtration system, skimmer, ect..

    So I start thumbing through websites, Craigslist, and then eBay. :shock: When I stumble onto this, and almost fell off my chair.

    This is definitely a conversation piece if I ever saw one!


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    There is a restaurant/bar here that had those in the bathrooms. I don't think they still maintain real fish in them (I have not been there in awhile) but they did initially and they were quite a converstation piece. If you scan the marketplace->Ceph Stuff on eBay thread there are a couple of others listed over time that are almost as unique.

    The discussions on tank shape have never been overly conclusive. Anything that has the desired gallonage and easily accomodates a full top works. Sumps and drilling (vs an overflow box) are high on the desirability list. I always recommend keeping cleaning ease in mind since I have two that are major pains. These are taller than my arm reach (non-ceph) and I have come to dread cleaning them, particularly the largest. 2' height is pretty much a max for this consideration and 18" is better for some people (keeping in mind any hood that you may have to reach over as well).

    Giving throught to how your are going to create easy access through the secure top (almost always requiring something customized) is worth taking some time with. You might look over the discussions in the Tank Talk forum for some ideas.

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