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What is the best thing to feed dwarf cuttlefish after mysid stage.

Mike Bauer

May 29, 2003
OK, Mysid are going to be to small soon for 2 of the 4 dwarf cuttlefish babies. What should I feed them next shore shrimp or ghost shrimp. After that it is crayfish and crabs, correct? Do I feed them Mysid until they switch over. Mine will not eat frozen stuff yet. Picky (Just my luck!) :grin:


Mar 23, 2011
Hey Mike. I am feeding my 6 largest cuttles shore shrimp. 3 of those still take mysis as well and are smaller. The last three are still too small for shore shrimp and are still on mysis. Basically my plans are to get some wild caught(emphasis) east coast shrimp at harris teeter. Cut them up into cuttle sized chunks and start weening the big guys on to frozen food this week. I also could not get my cuttles to take any frozen mysis... Even the PE Mysis. They took them one day and then wouldnt touch them after that... I believe they don't like the smell?

I would not feed crayfish unless you can find them tank raised. Even then I don't believe the fatty acid profile is correct because of what they are fed. I think if you can get them onto frozen wild caught east coast shrimp you will be good.

Good luck... Keep us updated.

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