What happened to the breeders?

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Ok, so a few years ago I stumbled upon Tonmo, and while I wanted an octopus very badly, I was in no way able to care for one. I really wanted an vulgaris at the time, but the community seemed to favor the bimaculoides, in part due to the smaller necessary tank size, and in part due to their availability thanks to established hobby breeders.

So, I waited for a couple of years, and now that I am out of college and have a small job (rough economy), I came back to read up on any new developments before I started getting my tank set up.

Except the octopi are gone. What happened? Did I just have a wonderful dream one night that there was once a steady availability of bimaculoides?


I you are still looking, Sea Dwelling Creatures sells them from time to time. They also have "Caribbean" octopus which might be vulgaris from what they described. The only problem is they are a whole seller and you would need someone to order them for you. There is a member on here from CA that catches them on occasion and gives them out for free. Check the octopus availability forum and you should find his thread.


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Octopets went under several years ago and the research institution (selling to educators) lost financing last year so it is rare to find a bimac for sale (since CA does not allow selling wild caught animals) and even rarer to find a captive raised or captive bred hatchling. There are wild caught animals from various vendors and when a member notices one for sale, they will post in the octopus availability thread.

temet vince

Larval Mass
Thank you both! I will keep checking around, although I'm not ready yet (I'm still in the research phase while I save up enough money to do it right.)

DWhatley, it sounds like I'm not crazy (well maybe I am) about thinking that they were much easier to obtain at one time.

What would it take to to be able to breed and sell bimacs? Is it even financially sustainable/profitable?
Obviously I won't be breeding my first bimac or anything. It just seems a shame that tonmo is such a great community, but there's no reliable suppliers anywhere. And due to the short lifespan, I believe repeat customers would be quite common.

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