What do you recommend me to buy I just bought a 75 gallon tank


i have had the rena fillstar 3 and i would not recomend a canister filter for a saltwater tank, i prefer a well designd sump with a good protien skimmer.
i like the hydor kyrolia pumps for circulation.
is this your first salt water tank? if so i would not recomend starting with cephs, they are definetly not a beginer species.


this is the first time im setting it alone and buying the equipment thanks for the advice, ill get those 2 and anything else? do i need a chiller?


a chiller depends on what kind of octo you get.
i think you should hold of on buying an octo for a while and do some more reaserch, if you don't know what kind of equipmet you need your probably not ready to care for an octo yet, your system should be up and runing with live rock and some life in it for at least 3 months or more to be well cycled before you put an octo in their any way. octos produce alot of waste and need a tank with a well established biological filter to survive. they need as much if not more care than a high end reef tank.


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Continue to look through the Tank Talk forum for some ideas. There is a representative list of ceph tank buildouts with links in a sticky (green lettering at the top of the forum) that may help.

A skimmer is a must have.
You will need to manufacture an octopus proof top that is still convenient to open for cleaning and feeding.

I am not a big fan of canister filtration but they work. You might consider a sump for your filtration, to hold your skimmer and to improve oxygenation. This would mean drilling the tank (having holes cut in it) and placing bulkheads at the holes to allow the water to and from the sump. Even in a small tank, I recommend two exit bulkheads and in one this size I would recommend two returns (total of 4 minimum, you can add an additional exit if you are so inclined). The multiple exit holes will ensure that you do not over flow the tank should a snail or debris block the line (I have had several snails do this) and the multiple returns help to add flow to the tank (I use a SCWD on most tanks to alter the flow on most tanks.

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