What are your favorite decorations for your cuttle tank?


O. vulgaris
I don't have my cephalopod yet but a few of my top corals that I enjoy include the Spider man Mushroom and the Rainbow Mushroom. I also really enjoy the color and look of my dragon breath algae. Especially in the blue light of my tank's nighttime setting it really has a cool two color fire like look to it.

Col. Cuttlefish

Pygmy Octopus
I just checked them out, love how the rainbow mushroom looks.

Wondering if anyone has a suggestion for blocking the reflection in their tank or if they've had a problem with it. A friend of mine has gotten a cuttlefish and he constantly attacks his reflection, even ignoring food. I explored with my tank and there is definitely a strong reflection. Trying to figure out the best way to block it without blocking my view into the tank. I saw that I could put some plastic material along the bottom and silicone it in but I don't have any experience doing that. I was curious if anyone has dealt with that issue or has a creative solution.

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