wha eactly do i need to house 4-5 cuttles, 2 males and 2 females.

Discussion in 'Cuttlefish Care' started by lilalancarey, Nov 30, 2009.

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    so i have a 35g set up (not sure exactly how big the tank is, just know its smaller than my 46 and bigger than my 30g high.)

    what filter should i get? i have 2 HOB filters, should i put filter pads or sponges or w.e on them?

    will get a small protein skimmer and probably make a DIY sump out of 1 or 2 5 g buckets or a rubbermaid.

    i cant seem to find much info on this.

    just want to make sure im doing EVERYTHING right before my eggs come in. i have a pretty good idea on what im going to need but i want the experts on TONMO to tell me because theres no better place to go to read about this stuff then here!

    thanks guys for all the great info, hope to hear from someone sono!
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    Cuttlegirl kept her 3 in a 55 gallon tank. If you want some really good advice and ideas read her threads. She kept everyone very well informed, and it is fascinating reading. Thales and Paradox have awhole lot of experience too, but I think she kept the best journals af any of our cuttlefish keepers. Probably should be a must read for anyone who is going to keep cuttles.
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    A 35 is too small for such a group in adulthood or subadulthood.
    The filter questions depend on what you are trying to accomplish - are you looking to do mechanical filtration or biological filtration or a combo?
    Get the largest skimmer you can, a small one is a waste of money IMO.

    There are several articles available here or in print mags (Tony is going to purpose the most recent here soon).

    The best info on set up would be in Nancy and Colin's book, I think we tend to not get too into set ups because it is covered so well on other sites. Basically, treat a cuttle set up like a reef (but with an eye towards excess nitrates) and you are good to go.

    Welcome to TONMO!

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