Well, I'm back


O. vulgaris
Greetings all, again!
It looks like a lot of things have changed! New members, new look, new cephs!
I've set up a 75 gal. fish-only tank that I'm going to practice on to gain experience before I get a ceph. Right now it has some clown fish, a tang, a dwarf anglefish, and some chromis. Everyone seems to be doing just fine!
Tanks at the lab are doing alright (some things have died during the harsh winter, leaving possible spots for a bimac???)
So,... how's everyone else doing since I've left???

Steve O'Shea

Colossal Squid
... and welcome front :wink:

I'm sure that lots has been happening around here; I find it difficult catching up on a day-to-day basis.


Staff member
Welcome back!

Good idea to practice on a fish tank before getting your ceph. It'll make things easier for you.

I think you'll find a lot more going on here at Tonmo, lots of interesting things to read and participate in. Have a look at our articles, too.


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