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Weaning my Cuttles


Larval Mass
May 7, 2016
Dell Rapids South Dakota
Hi All-
New here posting but have been reading the thread for a while. I have 10 baby cuttles now 8 weeks old and about an inch doing great. Weaned off mysid and now onto grass shrimp and growing like crazy. I have two questions-would like to wean to frozen-tried krill and they won't even touch it. Would like to get them weaned as I do not have enough tank for all (was certainly not expecting a 100% hatch rate) and would like to find some new homes. Any advice? Also when can they go in my big tank? Worried about them finding their food in a bigger area.


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
I think mine were about 1.5 inches and exited the net like rockets. Before you release them, I recommend that you feed them the same time each day, note that they are anticipating food at a specific time and coming to the surface at feeding time. Once they are anticipating food, you should be able to start with feeding dead that is the same size as the shore/grass shrimp. Large frozen mysis are often accepted (some keepers have had initial luck only if the mysis had eyes) but you can even try pieces of frozen table shrimp cut to size. Be sure to keep live available until they are all accepting frozen.

That being said, if you want to breed them you might consider continuing to feed live foods (shrimp and small crabs). Anecdotal observation suggests that viable eggs may need the adults to remain on live food.

To reduce your brood, you can try offering them in the Sources for Cephalopods and Food thread as well as looking there to see if another member is trying to locate eggs. Be sure to post your location, their age, what they are eating, the price and if you are or not willing to ship.

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