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Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by Spocktopus, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Ok, I haven't bought my octopuses yet, but I'm trying to do some research to make sure everything will be copasetic once they arrive. I have found slightly conflicting numbers for water quality parameters, and I can't seem to lock down a good temperature other than "room temperature." I am hoping to keep O. bimaculoides.

    Does anyone know what a good temp. range for keeping O. bimaculoides is?

    Also, here are the numbers I found for water quality (the ones that seem the most true in my opinion). I have not yet kept octos, so can someone tell me if I'm in the right ballpark? I want them to live!

    pH: 7.8-8.2
    Salinity: 35-36 ppt
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    ammonia needs to be 0 no buts.
    nitrite should be 0
    bimacs like colder temps so i suggest maby 72 degrees.
    bimacs are pritty difficult to get. Hopefully If my project goes well getting a captive bred bimac will be alot easyer. No promises yet but expect them to be on market in about 4-5 months probably longer.
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    Notes on bimac temperature:

    The National Oceanic Data Center has a website that lists the average monthly water temperature for a number of different places:

    NODC Coastal Water Temperature Guide

    For Oceanside, CA--prime natural bimac habitat--the winter low temperature is 57 degrees and the summer high is 69.

    Obviously its difficult to keep temperatures that cool in a home aquarium, so most of us shoot for the lower 70s. Remember that increased temperature = increased metabolism = shorter lifespan!


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