Water Fight! Watch: Squid Add Thrills to SoCal Bite - Patch.com

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    2 [SIZE=-2]Coastline Pilot[/SIZE][/URL][/FONT][/TD]
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    5 Water Fight! Watch: Squid Add Thrills to SoCal Bite
    6 [SIZE=-1]Patch.com[/SIZE]
    7 [SIZE=-1]Bring your rain coats as these squid fight back with blasts of cold seawater and ink. They sound like some kind of 1950s sci-fi movie in which women issue blood-curdling screams and people run away in terror from...giant squid that can grow to 100 ...[/SIZE]
    8 [SIZE=-1]Jumbo Squid Encroach SD Beaches[SIZE=-1]NBC San Diego[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    9 [SIZE=-1]Local anglers catch more than 50 jumbo Humboldt squid[SIZE=-1]Ventura County Star[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    10 [SIZE=-1]Squid wash ashore on local beaches[SIZE=-1]Coastline Pilot[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    11 [SIZE=-1]Corona del Mar Today[/SIZE]
    12 [SIZE=-1]all 7 news articles[/SIZE]
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