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    If I were to get a Vulgaris Octopus, what would I need to get. What size tank, etc. how would i raise it and care for it? How long does it live? Will it hurt you? I just want as much info on this as i can get. I see one on a website called the Pet stop. can i trust it?
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    Not even a little. The "vulgaris" shown is a briareus, the blue ring is said to be venomus and gives the scientific name of a non-venomus creature so that anyone looking it up will be very misinformed.

    If you think you would like to keep an octopus, do some reading first. In addition to articles on this site, Nancy and Colin have put together a book about keeping cephalpods at home that will help get you started. Keeping an octopus (or a marine aquarium for that matter) is a long journey and not something you can start without planning the route.

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