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:grad:I think someone should post new things on the groups! It looks like the last topic posted was in January! I just think someone should start posting on those.:talker:
There should be some kind of thing, anything, about cephs you have to say.:read::talker:

Thanks, :notworth:


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Thanks for the suggestion -- I've moved this thread to the "Our Community" forum since it best belongs here.

Later this year (timing uncertain) there will be a number of enhancements to the site which will make community involvement more integrated than it is now. I think one of the reasons you don't see much activity in Social Groups is because our forum structure already has proper places to talk about just about anything related to cephalopods. But in future versions of the site there will be deeper integration with other features (including a potential Blogging feature) which should make other areas of the site more relevant.

Stay tuned!

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