Update on marcus and victor, the 2 cephs in a 240 gallon


ive seen where all of a suddenone of my other posts has had lots of threads about me keeping two octopus together.

they are doing fine , thismakes about 1.5 or 2 months , somewhere in that range.

I do eventually , probably within the next month, taking one of them and pu tting it in my 55 gallon tank , though , its really not ready as I need to get a protein skimer first for it.

how long did the people here keep 2 cephs together before it started casuing problems

when they cross paths , they dnot fight or nothing


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In one case it was just about a week, but much longer for the other two. Just be careful that one doesn't become more shy or weak than the other. Sounds like you may get them separated in time.



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2 octos in a tank

A number of years ago, at the Monterey aquarium, there were 2 or 3 o. rubescens in a tank. One of the more amusing octo-watching things I've see was when one of them swam over to a big barnacle shell, reached several arms in, and forcibly ejected another from inside the barnacle. I assumed this showed there was a pecking order, but that they were more social than cannibalistic...

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