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Upcoming POTM topics for 2009


Haliphron Atlanticus
Dec 14, 2007
January: Anything Ceph related (anything, anywhere, with a ceph in the picture)

February: Eating (any cephalopod that is eating, catching food, etc.)

March: Camouflage (any type of ceph that's disguising itself or is hard to spot in the picture.)

April: Cuttlefish (Any picture of a cuttlefish, something where the cuttle is in clear sight and well defined would be nice... :wink:)

May: Octopuses (Any picture of an octopus, something where the octopus is in clear sight and well defined would be nice... :wink:)

June: Ceph products (any object-furniture, ornaments, etc.- that is modeled after a ceph.)

July: Interaction (Any type of ceph with a human or other pet interacting with it in the pic)

August: Ceph and Coral (A picture with a ceph and a coral or corals...)

September: Macro's (close up of any ceph)

October: Multiples (multiple cephs together - mating, in eggs, in the same tank, etc)

November: I spy (ceph eye shots- any way you want to do it- macro, with the body hidden, etc)

December: Tatoo's (Self explanatory)
OR: Squid pics(Also self explanatory. I would really like a squid pic in the calendar, so if we can find enough pics of squid (and I'm sure there's some out there), then that would be great)

Italicized lines are completed months

What do you guys think? Suggestions while you still can?


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
This is an ambitious list for the first year of the photo contest.
Maybe you ought to have a couple of months that are not limited, such as Favorite Ceph Photo. You're probably not going to have many entries in the squid catetory, for instance.

The Photo of the Month is a great idea! Many other sites have similar contests.


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