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Octopus Fishing on "Born to be Wild" September 7, 2014

This Sunday, Doc Nielsen Donato comes face to face with a creature known for its outstanding defenses, including the ability to camouflage and grab prey with its tentacles: the octopus! Apart from being a fascinating animal, the octopus is also a source of livelihood for fishing communities. As Doc Nielsen gets to know the octopus and the fishermen who harvest it, he gets a taste of the octopus’ might when powerful tentacles grab his snorkel and mask underwater!


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Colossal squid examination live webcast on 16 Sep, 2014... will post the link here when I have it!
The giant squid webcast from June, 2014 can also still be accessed here.

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Hi guys, I just wanted to give you all an update on Cuttlefish Country... the film is still in production, and we're aiming for the Australian summer (USA winter) for completion. Here's our Mk1 trailer (from 2012)...

There's plenty to read about the project over at http://cuttlefishcountry.com too.

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