Universities studying cuttlefish?


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Hey guys,

I am currently an undergraduate student at BYU-Hawaii. I am in the marine biology program here and I love it. I graduate next year April (2015), so I am starting to think about grad schools and what to do next.

I am most interested in cuttlefish behaviour and intelligence studies, but am also interested in color changing mechanisms. Could anyone help me find some universities (it doesn't matter where in the world they are) that are currently doing cuttlefish studies that I could look in to?

Thanks for your help.



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Well, you might as well start out on the top and check out Dr. Roger Hanlon's lab. I can't really remember how or which university he is actually attached to, if there is one.

Aside from that, I would just do some short literature searchers and check out the authors' affiliations. Last of Bello comes to mind as does a Giabattista (sp.?).



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I agree with Greg. Roger Hanlon sounds like your perfect fit. http://hermes.mbl.edu/mrc/hanlon/

He is a scientist at the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole but his grad students are technically students at Brown University. Feel free to send him and his grad students an email if you get interested.


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Any opportunity to work with Roger or Woods Hole (occasionally opportunities for summer intern studies will be posted here) are your best bet but we try to keep a running list of the different US (by default, other university opportunities are desired) schools offering marine biology programs in this thread (returned to sticky status :oops:). As you investigate, please consider adding others you have found.

Kirt Onthank (@Taollan) has recently become an assistant professor and started a ceph lab at WallWalla. Unfortunately, his post about the new lab failed to transfer with the software change and I cannot find the manual copy that was made. His lab is not likely to study cuttlefish mostly because they are not native to the US I suspect) but, as you will read in this forum sometimes getting close is the better way to start.
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Thanks guys. I will definitely try to get in contact with Dr. Hanlon. After looking at the website their lab seems to be doing just what I am interested in! I'll also hit up Taollan and see what he is up to.

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