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Hey everyone,
I'm a student in Missouri working toward a BS in Ecology. I would love to do undergrad research with any form of cephalopod yet my university lacks the facilities and isn't too keen on a marine lab. Either way, I'll work with these creatures eventually. I hope to contribute greatly to the TONMO community in the mean time.
- Jordan


Colossal Squid
:welcome: Jordan! Could you volunteer at a local aquarium to get some experience working with marine life? Also, there are plenty of internship partners at major aquariums as well as marine biology classes you could take at other universities.


Hi Jordan,

I'm a researcher who works on the behavioural and neural effects of minor injury in squid and other molluscs. I run a project at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts each summer were we conduct lab-based experiments looking at predator-prey interactions between squid and fish, trying to quantify the adaptive value of changed behaviour after injury.

Do you have any summer plans? We're recruiting well qualified undergraduates at the moment for a summer internship (accommodation and meals are provided but there's no salary or travel funds). If you're interested, send me a PM.

Good luck wit your studies, and welcome to TONMO!



Larval Mass
Thankfully I have some great advisers that are helping me get some experience in marine habitats. I've been down to San Pedro, Belize for a study tour with the Tropical Research Education Center (TREC) and will be attending another one in the summer. I've been looking at other internships on the west coast too.

Robyn, I have obligations with a summer camp here in Missouri. Sometimes I wish I could back out for such great opportunities but I can't do that to the owners. I appreciate the offer though. My plans are to work on behavior and physiology so it would be right up my alley.

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