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UK fish stocks nearing collapse


Haliphron Atlanticus
Jul 24, 2003
Heard this on the BBC News this morn :|

It proper angers me they've known this would be the case for a long time but wont do anything about it until its a complete mess :x

Rubbish on ivory towers.


Jan 22, 2004
Re: UK fish stocks nearing collapse

Phil said:

The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution has proposed turning 30% of UK waters into marine reserves in the North Sea.
ok... i'm not even gonna read the article cuz i don't want to get any more depressed. But i'd like to just say that a)same old story (trying to fix instead of preventing) and b)i wonder how the proposed MRs overlay (or not) with oil platforms of the North Sea.

ok... couldn't help it.. i looked... but skim-read to avoid hanging myself or ranting forever (trying to quit... on both ;)). Just as i thought:
"But he [Mr Bradshaw] said it would be premature to implement the measures recommended by the RCEP.

"We need to give more time for the radical measures that we have already taken to have an impact," he said. "

Typical :x by the time they work out that "yes, let's not fish there" there will be nothing left at all...


Andy Lister

Apr 8, 2004
Oil Reefs that are already estalished are actually pretty good for sish stocks. Smaller shoaling fish, gadoids, herring etc. live around their outlet vents where the water is slightly warmer and has quite a lot of food around, also get some shelter from the gid itself.

Anyway thats not the point. I went to a conference about 18 months ago where people were refusing to belive (to the point of a punch up) that fishermen were having an impact on the fisheries stocks of the North Sea.

Whether this is or is not the full reason is not the argument really. The Seas around Weymouth have gone from a mean temperature of 12.8 in 2001 to 13.4 this year...

Anyway, far too much to rant about here so i think i'll stop before i get out of hand!



Jun 3, 2004
I've been trying for days to think of something to say regarding this: Well, something that wasn't 'better get used to eating jellyfish and plankton'. I try my best to maintain a professional 'distance' from what I work on, but THIS, is 'f'ing madness.

'Bother!' Said Pooh.

What hope can there be?


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
Dunedin, New Zealand
I heard this sorta stuff about the north sea a long time ago (in the dim dark undergraduate past!) and they're only thinking about doing something about it now???? :x

Is there anything left to save?? The impression I've had (albeit from very biased activist types :D ) is that the north sea is a vast polluted oil slick with no fish and a few virus ridden seals and dolphins (that glow in the dark due to the radiocative waste dumped there!)

But seriously, I've heard that the stock of cod for eg is just about no more and that NZ Hoki is being advertised as a cod substitute :x :x :x :x (It's NOT and don't get me started on the fur seal bycatch etc from THAT fishery!)


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