Turning 10 gal into a Refugium?

Discussion in 'Tank Talk' started by kpage, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Hey I have an empty 10 gal tank that I would like to turn into a refugium for my saltwater tank. I'm a little confused with the plumbing though. I've read that you can use a syphon and then a pump, but what kind of pump? Can you have a flow rate that is too powerful? Also I was thinking of having the refugium higher than the wet/dry filter, but lower than the main tank so I could syphon water from the main tank into the refugium and then syphon that into the wet/dry filter, therefore eliminating the use of a pump. Would that work?

    Also do I need to divide the 10 gal into sections? I'm thinking of growing macro algae but it would also be cool to have a sea horse or two in there. Later I might switch to growing live food. I've read that some people have the lights on alternating cycles to stabilize the CO2 and pH, but the tank is in my room so that wouldn't work. Is there anything else I should know?


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