Tips for socializing an octopus?

Do you have any tips for socializing your octopus?

Right now my main concern is making sure that the little guy has plenty of food to eat and lots of places to hide. I try have some kind of small interaction with him every day if possible without stressing him out, even if its just looking for him for a couple of minutes each day, or squirting a little food in there for the shrimp and crabs.

I'm sure with time he will get comfortable with my presence, but if any of the more experienced members have any suggestions please fire away :)


Colossal Squid
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I like to play with my octopus in one corner of the tank and hand feed it in the other. this way it helps them to separate play time from feeding time. My only other tip is keep it slow and let the octopus come to you. this can mean standing there with your hand in the water for quite some time while the octopuses explores. often after a period of interaction the octo will be shy again for a few days if this happens do fret he will socialize again.


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Seconding everything the CaptFish mentions, I also find they are far more social if you locate the tank (or relocate your dining) where they can see you eating. I don't think the advantage has anything to do with food :grin: but the time spent there is sitting down, not directly giving attention to the animal, usually only with slow movements and where they can observe you. Ours almost always come out when we are eating (my current Bimac being an exception). Oh, and keep the camera handy with the flash OFF.

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